New Frame Style, ‘Sail’ by Salvadori Cornici

Here’s a quick blog entry for customers thinking about which frame option to choose for a print.  We’ve added a new frame style to our studio range today. It’s called ‘Sail’ and I’m really taken with it. I thought I’d discuss why I think it will become a great addition to our in-store range.
Sail in GreyFirst, the large internal depth of this particular frame will make a good option for larger mounted prints. As a guide the print shown here is 24″ x 16″ (60cm x 40cm).  It is definitely a frame designed to draw the viewer in and is well suited for prints where we might want to present a lot of detail.   If you have a wall already in mind that has other images hanging, maybe a simpler frame might be more appropriate, but as a solo modern piece this looks grand.

Sail DepthYou can see a close up of the frame quality here. The grey vinyl used in the sample corner gives a clean and modern look.  The covered wooden internal frame shown below proves that nothing has been compromised in terms of build quality.  I’m confident saying that this is a frame that is made to last.

Sail Grey CloseThe frame is manufactured for us by Salvadori Cornici, (an Italian manufacturer) and it is available in a variety of finishes. You can view the available options in the image below and if you click on the image you’ll get a much bigger version to view.    Personally I’m not convinced by the reflective options,  the type of natural portraits I try to capture might clash with them but I do think the rest are compelling.

Sail Available Finishes

If you want to talk through frame options, I’m always happy to offer my thoughts.  I would definitely advise that you take your time and tread carefully if you’ve a slight doubt about the style. There should no rush when it comes to choosing your frame.  We’re open  6 days a week but if you want to chat via email that works too.  Just drop us a line on our ‘Ask us Anything’ contact page.

Before you go, did you read yesterday’s blog about our prize offered in Supervalu’s raffle? You can view it here.


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