The art of the pre-wedding photo shoot

I’ve just finished reading this article on Time magazine’s website, it tells the story on the importance of pre-wedding photo sessions for the many engaged couples in Shanghai, China.  The lengths (and budgets) couples some go to will blow you away.

Pre Wedding Shoot You can visit the article here,

I’m not sure my words can actually do this article justice,  suffice to say that the couples who visit these dedicated pre-wedding photo studios take the whole thing very seriously. The studios are vast and some couples are even opting for an underwater experience.  The images are amazing!

Photo Credit CDN Turner/ Mr Chang

Photo Credit CDN Turner/ Mr Chang

Coming back home to Kenmare

But what about here?  Is there something in these photo sessions that we can learn from ? An extra photo session may seem like just another big hurdle before your day, but if photographs are important to your wedding,  I think you should definitely consider it. Try and view it as a no-pressure win for you as you plan your day.

My ‘two quick reasons’ as to why a pre-wedding photoshoot should be on your ‘needs to happen’ list.

1. Your actual wedding photographs will benefit from them.  Pre-shoots give the photographer a chance to get to know you both.  What you like, what you don’t like and importantly how you are in front of the camera. For example if the groom has no clue about posing, then a pre-wedding shoot is the perfect time to help him.  You certainly don’t want to be worrying about this on your day.

2. You can go anywhere and test out any style of photography you like.    The zoo, the beach, a museum, a shopping mall, a movie, really anything goes.  As I’m typing this I really fancy the idea of a zoo trip… Great images can be taken anywhere, so think of it as planning a trip out.

So, whilst I’m probably not going to be able to replicate a big budget New York street scene for you in Kenmare, there really is a blank canvas when it comes to your pre-wedding images.  Make sure you build it into your wedding plan and make them work for you.  The photos may be great for your invitations / save the date cards and some of them could even make it into your wedding album!


I offer a pre-wedding shoot to all my clients as part of my wedding service, so whether or not you fancy a trip to Cork Zoo you can drop me a line via this enquiry form.    Find out more about my pre-wedding photo shoot and wedding consultations on the website, or alternatively pop into the studio in Kenmare.  Chat soon : ) Nick